Candle Night Global Foundation is a registered advocacy organization for people living with mental illnesses. Through awareness projects and offering the only telephonic counselling helpline in Ghana. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our telephone lines are active and provides mental health crises intervention to all. Suicide crises intervention and prevention, Substance abuse crises intervention, rape, depression, panic, anxiety disorder, etc. Our helpline provides nationwide referrals to all across Ghana.


    • To help create nationwide grassroot mental health awareness and education.
    • To provide support and advocacy to people with mental illnesses.
    • To provide a telephonic counselling space for suicide crises intervention and nationwide referrals.


    • To help reduce societal stigma associated with mental illness through community based anti-stigma campaigns.
    • To provide a connection between patients and the available facilities in Ghana.
    • To become a voice for mental health advocacy and support in Ghana
    • To tackle the sexual reproductive challenges and vulnerability that is possibly related to mental illness.

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Profile Picture of Founder
When human beings experience trauma and severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.

My name is Nancy Ewusie. I was born on the 18th Day of December 1985 in Lome,Togo land.
I am married with two wonderful kids Gabriel and Natalie.

I am an educator by profession. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I am currently pursuing a Master’s program in Guidance and counseling and a certificate course in counseling and psychotherapy. I trained as a mental health advocate with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group in South Africa.

My journey as a mental health advocate started after i came face to face with the most traumatizing events of my life.  I tried to look for light in the face of life’s darkest moment and as a result, I founded the NGO, The Candle Night Foundation; using the candle as a symbol of hope, light and promise for people who maybe in their night as far as the mental struggles of this life are concerned.

My goals in life resonates that of Candle Night Global Foundation’s; To promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma and discrimination against individuals and families who are affected by mental illnesses.

My vision is to be the leading voice in mental health patient advocacy and to help walk with individuals, families affected by mental illnesses and the general public from gross ignorance of mental illness through crude understanding into acceptance and choosing the right behaviors and languages to address the mentally challenged.

I am committed to working with families and individuals on choosing treatment options that best suits them. I believe that with the spate of suicide worldwide and in our country, advocacy and the right kind of support to affected individuals is essential.

I love the sun flower because, how it sprouts towards the sun is symbolic; its a symbol of hope and promise in the midst of challenges.

I believe that to make the world a better place for everyone, people who have the voice to advocate and provide healing must stand up and let their voices be heard so that every individual, irrespective of their social class and strength will get someone to speak on their behalf.


Through awareness programs, we have been able to get lots of people to become aware of their mental Health environment. We receive a minimum of 20 calls a day from people who are ready to open up and get help as far as possible.

We have a substance abuse support group in Accra. We hope to get funds to start support groups through all the regions in Ghana.


Join us in our campaign to spread Mental Health care awareness and provide viable solutions to those affected.
Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!

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