Finding light in the midst of life’s darkest moments

Life has a way of turning things around.
Turning things that we value most upside down.
Circumstances change hurtfully in our lives not because we caused them to change but because life happens every day.
Most often than not, we have no control over the loss of our loved Ones, we have no control over the bitter happenings of this world.
What we have control over however, is how we respond to life and its dramatic turn ups.

There is a shadow of light in all of life’s darkest moments.
It’s really a hard thing to look out for light in the midst of the turbulent wars of life; grief, loss, disappointments and heart breaks.
It is okay to cry; it is okay that you feel this way about your loss.
We are all happy when things go right and it is absolutely normal to be sad when things turn out bad.
But while tears roll down your face, please know that this phase of your life is not permanent.

Learn the lesson that your tears have taught you.
Look out for light in face of that heart break.
Look above your pain every day.
Soothe your soul with the little goodness that surrounds you and in no real time, you will just be alright.

By: Nancy Ewusie

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